EZMed is Intelligent


With the power of Health Code Index, EZMed is able to deliver intelligent coding, with clinical relevance into your Practice Management Application.  

Health Code Index (HCI) contains all the South African Health Codes required to render a medical claim, linked together in a clinical relevant and intelligent way.  These codes include:

  • Reference Price List (RPL) / Treatment codes
  • ICD-10 codes
    • cross linked to their individual PMB statuses
    • prompting required external cause codes where required
    • allowing sophisticated yet simple searching
  • NAPPI codes with their individual descriptions and pricing
    • allowing simple searching from the extensive database

In addition to the HCI, we also have our vast Funders File, covering the 83 medical schemes with their more than 340 various plan types.  So if you need to know what the rate is for which any medical scheme reimburses treatment, we have the rate you need.  


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